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These web pages of LaserSpHERe are no longer updated!
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Laser Spectroscopy on highly-charged ions and exotic radioactive nuclides

Welcome at Laser-SpHERe,

a young researcher group founded by the German Helmholtz-Society. The research subject of this group is the study of exotic, radioactive isotopes by the most modern means of atomic physics.

There are three main fields on which our work is focused: 1) high precision laser spectroscopy on so-called halo-nucleis like 11Lithium or the beryllium isotopes 11Be and 14Be , 2) spectroscopy of highly charged and cooled ions like U91+ in traps and 3) collinear laser spectroscopy for studies of the fundamental properties of short-lived, radioactive isotopes far off stability in the nuclide chart. For more information click through our experiment pages.

Pursuant to our field of interest, our research is strongly experimental oriented. The experiments of the Laser-SpHERe group are located at two laboratories at the institute for nuclear chemistry at the university of Mainz as well as at the society for heavy ion research (GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH) at Darmstadt. The majority of our experiments are currently under construction. Therefore we are looking for the support of young diploma or PhD students, which have a common sense of scientific curiosity and enjoy participating in the development of a new and young researcher group. A detailed list of our current open position can be found here. In case you have any questions concerning our work or our open positions, please feel free to us.

The different projects of our young researcher group are supported by foundation grants of the Helmholtz Association, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Foundation Rheinland Pfalz for Innovation, the German Research Foundation, the Research Fund of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the European Union within the Integrated Infrastructure Initiative "EURONS".

We hope you enjoy clicking through our pages

Yours, the  Laser-SpHERe  Team

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