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Overview salivary glands (Glandulae salivariae):
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Gl. submandibularis
serous acinar cell (monkey)
acinus + secretory
vesicles 1 (monkey)
acinus + secretory
vesicles 2 (monkey)
serous secretory
vesicle (monkey)
acini and striated duct
striated duct
detail (monkey)
Glandula submandi-
bularis (monkey)
Gl. submandibularis
serous acinus (monkey)
mucous + serous secretory
vesicles sublingual gland (rat)
mucous epithelial cell of the
sublingual gland (rat)
detail: mucous
 vesicles (rat)
There are three major salivary glands: parotid gland (Glandula parotis), submandibular gland (Glandula submandibularis) and the sublingual gland (Glandula sublingualis) in the mouth. Further, there is the pancreas (Pankreas) that delivers its secretions into the lumen of the duodenum. Further small salivary glands are located in the tongue and in the mucosa of the palate.

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