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 Workshop Anatomy for the Internet 
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Thank you very much for your interest in the use of material from my Workshop Anatomy for the Internet!
1. I create this teaching offer and publish it in the world-wide web to demonstrate anatomical details in high quality and resolution to the interested general public. At first place, this is to help those that cannot afford buying comparable commercial items: students and pupils. Thus I grant a free use for these persons under the condition that it is exclusively for their own personal private studies and further to private persons as far as they restrict to regarding internet pages or printing them provided it is for their own private use.
2. Distribution of printouts of other material, especially in electronic form, to other persons is NOT PERMITTED and subject to prosecution unless authorized by my written license agreement.
3. To use images from printed atlases, textbooks, or from commercial CD for teaching or other purposes, it is necessary to buy them and to get permission by the copyright owner. The fact that my material is accessible in the internet at no charge does N O T mean that it may be used for teaching or other purposes without permission. Any use of this kind is only legal with my written approval - a license agreement.
4. Since hundreds or thousands of Euros are spent for scientific material (e.g. antibodies), anatomical models, established textbooks, or commercial software, I can not see why people are not ready to spend money for further teaching material even if it is splendid.
5. I do not receive any funds, grants or support for creation of my teaching material despite the possibility to use the electron microscope of the university and to get preparations for investigation. For this reason, I have to share proceeds with the university. The preparation of my own and the material that was provided to me for publication by others took several thousand hours of my private spare-time on my own computer system and involved considerable costs that I had to pay for myself.
6. Due to the reasons given in 4 and 5 I charge those who make further use of the material than described under 1. Charges depend on the amount, kind and quality of the material as well as on the purpose it is to be used for by the licensee. To be able to make a specific offer I need detailed information. For this reason I ask you provide me with some information about yourself, your function, to give me concrete details about your purpose, and to answer the following questions:
- What exactly do you intend to do?
- Where and for whom do you work?
- Is it a commercial use?
- In what modalities do you intend to use the digitised images?
- Do you intend to change the material?
- Which images (please provide file names) or texts are you interested in?
- Which resolution and compression quality do you like?
- How much would you be willing to pay?
In case you wish to use material for teaching or education:
- How much is the fee attendants of your offer have to pay?
- How many participants do you expect in a year?
- Do you want to use the material only once or several times?
In case you intend to integrate material into your publications, e.g. a textbook:
- What kind of publication is it?
- Where do you want to distribute / sell the product?
- Who will be the editor and the publisher?
- How many copies will the first edition have? – do you eventually plan further ones?
- What is the end price of your product?
- For whom do you create it?
- Do you wish to get a permission to sell sublicenses?
- How large will the image be in final print?
- Do you wish a permission for one or more countries or worlwide?
- Do you like to have a scale bar in the image?
- Is it planned to use the image for a title or special page?

7. In any case I expect an appropriate citation including the www address, e.g. like:
Image from Dr. Jastrow’s electron microscopic atlas in the internet (http:\\www.uni-mainz.de\FB\Medizin\Anatomie\workshop\EM\EMAtlas.html).
8. The distribution of material in electronic form (on CD, DVD, other storage media, or in the internet) is not granted since I offer such media myself.
9. In addition to the material published in the www I have a large collection of further digital anatomical images. Further, I could offer slides of many anatomical structures, if you were interested.
H. Jastrow

If have any further questions or want to use material, send me an e-mail, please!

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