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provided by: Dr. med. H. Jastrow, Dept. of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Johannes Gutenberg University, 55099 Mainz, Germany

Teaching offers and projects:
ATLAS of HUMAN SECTIONS in the Internet: Labelling of sections from the Visible Human Project

Pictures of original gross anatomical sections of the human body correlated with CT- and MR-images, motion pictures & sections labelled in detail according to the Terminologia anatomica
>>> Homo sapiens dissecatus: complete male atlas - female pelvis <<<

ELECTRON MICROSCOPIC ATLAS in the Internet: a unique reference on mammalian tissue ultrastructure

Original electron microscopic micrographs of cell organelles, tissues and organs in high resolution (labelling in German, English version in preparation)
>>> List of sections (English version) - German version (offers all images) <<<

f u r t h e r   t e a c h i n g   m o d u l e s:
Vocabulary of Gross Anatomy (Terminologia anatomica - German - English)
Vocabulary of microscopic Anatomy (Terminologia histologica - German - English)
Clinical Anatomy
Facts on developmental history (in German)
Further offers available in German
Collection of anatomical Internet Links
Image data from the original Visible Human
sections, CT- and MR-images were provided by

Some photos or other materials
were kindly provided by
the persons cited below.


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