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§ Legal aspects §

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General information:
It is unlawful to offend copyright on pictures or on any material published in the world-wide-web!
This includes saving on hard disk or printing of images or www-pages without the copyright holder's permission!
By means of new technologies providers of www-pages can notice such offends even without your knowledge!
Be aware that you may be prosecuted and fined when offending copyright.

Information on the web-pages provided by the WAI:
The production of the far more than 10,000 www-pages and creation of pictures of which some were kindly granted by others took several thousand hours of my personal spare time.
You may benefit from this offer, but remember that the published material is N O T  F R E E W A R E and that the following conditions of use apply:

Conditions of use:
1a.) For your own private personal use, you may regard the www pages and print out any pictures including original and labelled visible human sections as well as any internet page published by me under the following conditions:

For example, if you like to:
- use any material for any teaching purposes, - include such material in your own internet pages, - use it for public or non-public events of any kind, - publish it in any way.
If you are interested to do so, please first read the license information and then send me an E-mail giving specific information about what you intend to do. Thereby generally the first two conditions of 1a and a fee apply.
2.) You are welcome to put links from your to my pages. However, I ask you to inform me about that via E-mail.

If you want to print pictures I advise you to click on the right mouse button when the cursor is over the image, to save the file to your hard disk and print it using a graphic software setting the printer to the correct orientation of the paper. For best results use a printer with a high dpi resolution and print the graphic maintaining aspect ratio adapting its size to the whole page. After printout you have to delete the downloaded file!

Every attempt was made to label structures correctly according to the anatomical nomenclature and to provide correct information, however mistakes cannot be excluded, thus any liability for eventual errors or incompleteness is rejected. However, if you should discover any mistake, please notify me via E-mail.

Professional versions of Internet Atlases:
If you are interested in a considerably better quality and resolution of images or in case you want to use any material for teaching purposes you will find detailed information about the professional versions of the atlases on my commercial homepage: www.drjastrow.de.

If you should offend the conditions of use, you are subject to prosecution!
Dr. med. Holger Jastrow
specialist in Anatomy