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Bilddemonstration auf PC's (GAMMAPC / GAMMAVIEW / TOMOMAGINE)



Image display and processing for personal computers in
Nuclear Medicine


renal study of a 2-month old baby with 99mTcMAG3, processed with GAMMAPC

bone SPECT with rectangular 3D-ROIs and maximum pixel projection, processed with GAMMAVIEW (V.2.0)

is a medical image display and processing program for MSDOS or Windows PCs within a local area network.

GAMMAVIEW is a viewing program for nuclear medicine and radiology images under Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. With this program many image files can be viewed simultaneously. The image file selection is done by the use of a study browser. If a NFS client program is installed on the PC, a direct connection to a Picker Odyssey system is supported.

Both programs are freeware for research and teaching (not for clinical use).

TomoMagine is a nuclear medicine DICOM viewer for clinical use, which was developed as a commercial product with the same tools and is available from a German company (BS Industrieelektronik, Lübbecke). For more information, see our wepage:

GammaView supports the import of MR/CT DICOM files for display of single images, cine display of image series and saving images as BMP files. GAMMAPC and GAMMAVIEW support also the INTERFILE standard, a file standard, which is accepted as exchange format by almost all nuclear medicine camera manufacturers.

GAMMAPC can be used for display and quantitative analysis of nuclear medicine Images. The program allows ROI analysis on all types of Images (except whole body). The ROIs can be stored on disk, the results of ROI analysis can be exported to database or statistical programs.
Displayed or processed Images can be stored in the PCX format, which can be imported by all text processing or graphics programs running under DOS or MS-Windows.
In the last version, the Interfile, Gamma-11 and Picker PRISM formats are completely supported, the Siemens Microdelta, ICON, CT and MR formats are supported partly.

GammaPC functions

- Selection of Image file from a list with study data (patient name, date,...)
- Display of single image or series of Images
- Zoom, smoothing, interpolation of Images
- Movie display
- Image arithmetic (add, subtract, divide, multiply)
- SPECT slice display with reference image
- ROI analysis (countrates/ hounsfield units):
Rectangular, circular, elliptic, irregular ROIs
ROI moving
ROI mirroring
Outline ROI
ROI saving and restoring
Dynamic curves for nuclear studies
Export of ROI and curve data to ASCII files
- Profile curves
- Distance and coordinate measurements
- User definable color tables (16 or 256 colors), color
table editor, color scale display
- Screens and Images can be saved to PCX files
- Macro programs

Supported image file formats

- INTERFILE (up to v. 3.3)
- GAMMA-11 (Picker MSE, Philips Gamma11)
- Picker PRISM (including wholebody and lightbox)
- Microdelta/Maxdelta (Siemens) (GammaPC only)
- Microdelta wholebody
- ICON (Siemens) (no wholebody)
- Zsoft PCX

- INTERFILE (up to v. 3.3)
- DICOM 3.0 (MR and CT only!)
- GAMMA-11 (Picker MSE, Philips Gamma11)
- ICON (Siemens) (including wholebody)
- Picker PRISM

Minimum system requirements

386 PC, 4MB memory, MSDOS 5.0 (or Windows 3.1 or Windows 95)
Pentium 32 MB memory, Windows 95/98 or Windows NT4/2000/XP

Download Procedure

A full version of GAMMAPC and GAMMAVIEW (trial license) can be installed from the compressed files gammapc.zip and Gview14.exe

<download program gammapc.zip> (Size: 753 KB) Download-Help
<download program Gview162.exe> (Size: 1.421 MB) Download-Help

The newest update of GammaPC is contained in the file updtxxx.zip

<download update updt253.zip> (Size: 312 KB) Download-Help

The newest update of GammaView is contained in the file Gammav200upd.zip

<download update Gammav200upd.zip> (Size: 389 KB) Download-Help

<download pkunzip.exe> (Size: 24 KB) Download-Help

First installation

Decompress the file gammapc.zip and store the decompressed files on a 1.2 or 1.4 MByte diskette.
With this diskette in drive A type:
A: install

Known problems (Windows):
Gammapc uses an EMS memory management; in some cases EMS must be activated with the file manager: right-click the *.exe file, properties/ memory, set EMS to "auto" (see below); then create shortcut to the *.exe file.
In most cases, as graphics mode the standard VGA (640x480/ 16 colors) can be used only.

Start the program Gview162.exe and follow the instructions for installation.
If you have a license key, insert institution name and code number exactly as given into the license
information form, otherwise click on the cancel button. In this case, the program runs in demomode

User manual
The file gammapc.doc (ASCII-file) contains the user manual; a PDF-Version can be downloaded here: GAMMAPC.pdf
Detailed descriptions of the functions are found also in the help files (GAMMAPC2.HLP and ROI2.HLP)
All functions of GAMMAVIEW are described in the Windows helpfile GAMMAV.HLP.

Update and license procedure

Decompress the file updtxxx.zip
Copy all files to the GAMMAPC directory and run the program GAMSETUP.EXE.

Decompress the file Gammav200upd.zip
Copy all files into the GAMMAVIEW program directory.
A license file for Gammaview and Gammapc can be generated by running the program "license.exe" in the program directory of Gammaview. The file "gamsetup.dat" can be copied into the Gammapc-directory (usually c:\Gammapc) and activates the license for Gammapc.

For obtaining a full license, please contact Dr. O. Nickel
eMail: Nickel@nuklear.klinik.uni-mainz.de







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