LogoCross and Crescen- Ethiopia as an Example of Religious Coexistence
A Mosaic of Peoples - Cultural Diversity and Variety in Ethiopia

Axum and the First Hijra - Early Christianity and Islam in Ethiopia
Neighbourhood, Trade and Conflict - Muslim and Christian States in Middle Age Ethiopia
Historical Figures - Muslim and Christian Leaders in 19th Century Ethiopia

Living Side by Side - Urban and Rural Dwelling in Ethiopia
Unity and Difference - Muslim and Christian Clothing Styles in Ethiopia
The Ways of Making a Living - Economic Activiaties of Muslim and Christian Ethiopians
The Market - Meeting-Place of Goods and Thoughts

Places of Worship - The Islamic Mosque and the Christian Church
The Art of Praying - Among Christian and Muslim Ethiopians
Marking the Year - Religious Festivals as Highlights in the Cycle of Life
Sacred Geography - The Tradition of Pilgrimage in Ethiopia

Sheikhs and Priests - Religious Experts between Text and Practise
The Quest for Wisdom - Religious Students in Ethiopia - Qollotemari and Deresa
Siting Wisdom - Places of Higher Education
Scholarly Traditions - Holy Scriptures and Local Customs
Local Traditions - Artistic Expressions in Christianity and Islam

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