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MIND Group continues its pioneering work in the autonomous publication of academic articles  ... 

A backup copy in the central brain: How fruit flies form orientation memory
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Gaseous neurotransmitters play an important role in the short-term orientation memory of Drosophila / Scientist decode biochemical processes  ... 

Stingless bees have their nests protected by soldiers
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Attacks by robber bees result in the evolution of larger guard bees and thus promote the division of labor in the hive  ... 

Breakthrough in noise research
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New study of Cardiology of Mainz University Medical Center identifies mechanisms responsible for vessel damage resulting from aircraft noise  ... 

Augsburg Master Builders' Ledgers now available online
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Research Unit Historical Cultural Studies publishes digital edition of the Augsburg Master Builders' Ledgers  ... 

Multiple sclerosis research identifies receptor that facilitates influx of T cells into the brain

Researchers at the Mainz University Medical Center have discovered a mechanism that makes it easier for T cells to damage the brain  ... 

The influence of stimulants on performance when playing chess

Trial undertaken by the Mainz University Medical Center investigates cognitive enhancement in chess players  ... 

Experiment involving ultracold rubidium lifts off with research rocket
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Physicists create basis for accurately testing Einstein's equivalence principle / Bose-Einstein condensate generated in space for the first time  ... 

Magnetic moment of a single antiproton determined with greatest precision ever
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Physicists publish most accurate measurement of a fundamental property of the antiproton to date / Contribution to the matter-antimatter debate  ... 

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz to collaborate with US research center Fermilab near Chicago
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Collaboration agreement signed / Expansion of the university's international research network  ...