ICES Call for a Summer Visiting Fellowship
The ICES Summer Visiting Fellowship is a three-month, on-site fellowship for the period of May-July, 2018. The residency is meant to give the visitor a chance to exchange ideas and research with other scholars working within the ICES research community and to immerse her- or himself in the vibrant interdisciplinary atmosphere of the centre. In addition to a fully equipped workplace and access to all university resources and services, the fellow will receive a grant to cover the costs of her or his travel to Flensburg, a 500-euro stipend for travel within Germany and Europe during the fellowship term, and free accommodation in Flensburg.
The ICES fellow is expected to present on her or his research and to be present in Flensburg for a minimum of six out of twelve weeks.
ICES encourages senior scholars of European Studies from the humanities or the social sciences to apply for this year's summer fellowship.
DEADLINE: 15th of March 2018