Bologna Reform

In the last four years, JGU has established modularized Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in all subjects, with the exception of those regulated by nationwide standards (Law, Human Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences) and the Fine Arts. There are currently 95 Bachelor's and 101 Master's degree programs. Many subject combinations are possible in a two-subject Bachelor's degree program and for college preparatory secondary school teacher training (B.Ed. and M.Ed.).

In addition, the organization of courses was adapted and optimized to the new framework:

  • During the 2008/2009 winter semester, JGU launched its integrated Campus Management System, CampusNet, for student, course, and examination administration. It supports students and teaching staff in organizing their studies or teaching.
  • More than 130 employees in 36 student advising offices organize and manage JGU's degree programs.
  • JGU offers a broad range of courses in its teaching degree programs – with currently 198 subject combinations available. To facilitate this, it has successfully introduced a so-called "time-frame model" based on external expertise.

Since 2010 and with the active involvement of the student body, all Bachelor's and Master's degree programs have been critically examined from the point of their "study feasibility." Among other things, this evaluation included a workload investigation. Where necessary, programs have been changed accordingly.