Planning and Controlling

The Staff Unit for Planning and Controlling (PaC) reports to the Chancellor's Office. One of its main tasks is to collect and evaluate all figures of relevance to the university. This is accomplished with the help of a data warehouse installed in 2010.

The planning section comprises the three columns of Funding, Personnel and Students. The data from these columns provide the basis for central university planning calculations such as capacity planning or the fund allocation model. The Staff Unit for Planning and Controlling is also responsible for calculating curricular values within the scope of accreditation or reaccreditation of new bachelor and masters study courses.

Controlling has the purpose of planning and controlling processes in alignment with their aims and intended results in both public administration and free enterprise. Until now, this sector focused mainly on the subject of cost/performance calculations. Cost/performance calculations are currently undergoing expansion to further develop existing controlling instruments and enable the introduction of new controlling instruments.