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The presented list of press releases in English is only a selection of our German press texts. For the time being, these translated press releases focus primarily on science and research at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.


Explanation for inconsistent effectiveness of certain treatments of multiple sclerosis / Publication in Nature Immunology
 ... Link: Researchers from Mainz and Munich discover signal mechanism causing T cells to turn pathogenic 
read on Temperature and water content cycles within magma reservoirs linked to eruptive style
 ... Link: Cyclic change within magma reservoirs significantly affects the explosivity of volcanic eruptions 
read on One of the most highly endowed German research awards will be used to establish a junior research group to study dark matter at Mainz University
 ... Link: Particle physicist William Shepherd receives prestigious Sofja Kovalevskaja Award in Berlin 
read more Mainz-based working group constructed a prototype detector for the Small Wheel of the ATLAS muon spectrometer / Results of initial tests on the ATLAS detector are highly promising
 ... Link: Physicists at Mainz University construct prototype for new component of the ATLAS detector 
Mainz University Medical Center examines the link between myopia and cognitive abilities
 ... Link: Level of education is more decisive than intelligence for the development of short-sightedness 
read more Chromosome researcher Peter Baumann to become Professor of Molecular Biology and Adjunct Director at IMB contributing to the restructuring of the discipline of biology at Mainz University
 ... Link: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz obtains approval for Humboldt Professorship in Biology 
German Resilience Center presents new findings on the resistance to stress
 ... Link: Endocrine cells in the brain influence the optimization of behavior 
read on Collaborative project results in the construction of a second UCN source at the TRIGA research reactor in Mainz / Blueprint for Munich-based high-efficiency source
 ... Link: TUM and Mainz University activate new source of ultra-cold neutrons  
read on Quantum leap in the reliability of mass spectrometry-based proteomics
 ... Link: Scientists in Mainz develop a novel method to benchmark and improve the performance of protein measurement techniques  
read on New excavations to investigate the use of the palace following the severe earthquake of 749 AD
 ... Link: Archaeologists from Mainz reveal new findings on the history of the early-Islamic caliphate palace Khirbat al-Minya 
Cancer researcher from Mainz develops targeted epigenetic approach for the treatment of aggressive forms of leukemia
 ... Link: New treatment approach for leukemia renders cancer genes powerless 
read on Investigation of new magnetic structures for spintronics applications / Skyrmions could one day make the storage media in our computers smaller and more efficient
 ... Link: Karin Everschor-Sitte establishes new Emmy Noether independent junior research group TWIST at the Institute of Physics 
read on First-time detection and characterization of excited states of nobelium atoms
 ... Link: First spectroscopic investigation of element nobelium 
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is among Germany's top five academic institutions in the field of Physics
 ... Link: Nature Index Ranking confirms cutting-edge research in Physics at Mainz University 
Inhibition of the protein kinase CK2 prevents the development of auto-aggressive T cells
 ... Link: Mainz researchers lay the foundation for innovative treatment of multiple sclerosis 
New particle accelerator generating radioactive isotopes for use in nuclear chemistry will be employed to create new medical radiopharmaceuticals
 ... Link: Cyclotron opens up new prospects for fundamental and applied research in radiopharmaceutical chemistry 
read on Award for his research on the synthesis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and 2D macromolecules for electronic components
 ... Link: GRC Fellow Klaus Müllen receives Hermann Staudinger Award 2016 
read on International measurement campaign over West Africa provides first results / Causes for enormous complexity in the multiple cloud layers still unclear
 ... Link: Emission plumes over West Africa contain a high proportion of organic material 
Just like the proton, the deuteron poses a mystery
 ... Link: The deuteron is smaller than previously thought 
read on 3-D technology is particularly interesting for action and horror films, less for documentaries
 ... Link: Real and artificially generated 3-D films are nearly impossible to distinguish 
read on Direct correlation between temperature dependent generation of spin currents and atomic composition of interfaces found
 ... Link: International team of scientists unveils fundamental properties of spin Seebeck effect 
read on Heusler alloy NiMnSb could prove valuable as a new material for digital information processing and storage
 ... Link: Demonstration of room-temperature spin-orbit torque in NiMnSb 
read on New research on the massive impact of a huge ice sheet melted in North America by the end of the most recent ice age on the climate of northwest Europe and northwest Africa
 ... Link: How meltwater from the ice sheets disturbed the climate 10,000 years ago 
read on International research team demonstrates that populations in the ancient Fertile Crescent are the ancestors of modern-day South Asians but not of Europeans
 ... Link: Prehistoric genomes from the world's first farmers in the Zagros mountains reveal different Neolithic ancestry for Europeans and South Asians 
read on Researchers in Mainz and Kiel have uncovered the molecular mechanism behind the synthesis of melanin using a technique involving mutation of the relevant enzyme tyrosinase
 ... Link: Formation of the browning pigment melanin decoded 
read on Densified regions with drastically reduced internal motion either act as crystal precursors or cluster and frustrate all further dynamics
 ... Link: Mainz-based physicists find missing link between glass formation and crystallization 
DFG provides funding for a comparison of long-term care in Germany and the Netherlands
 ... Link: German Research Foundation approves international research project on the transnationalization of long-term care 
Mainz researchers discover new mechanism associated with the worldwide decline of bee populations
 ... Link: Neonicotinoid pesticides cause harm to honeybees 
read on Mainz University is committed to providing excellent working conditions for researchers
 ... Link: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is awarded the HR Excellence in Research seal of approval 
read on Theoretical physicist from the University of New South Wales will strengthen the field of nuclear and particle physics in Mainz
 ... Link: Victor Flambaum becomes new fellow at the Gutenberg Research College at Mainz University 
read on International research team demonstrates that farming was spread into and across Europe by people originating in modern-day Greece and Western Turkey
 ... Link: Early farmers from across Europe were direct descendants of Aegeans 
read on Research focus on immunotherapeutic approaches for the treatment of liver cancer
 ... Link: Tumor immunologist Muhammad Asif Qureshi will use his Humboldt Research Fellowship to conduct research at the Mainz University Medical Center 
read on Nobel laureate in Physics has distinguished himself in many ways both as an exceptional researcher and as a teacher
 ... Link: Nobel Prize winner Carl Wieman receives the 2016 Gutenberg Teaching Award 
read on EU funding for research on new methods for locating oil and gas reserves around salt deposits
 ... Link: Geophysicist Boris Kaus receives ERC Proof of Concept Grant 
read on Spintronics paves the way for new terahertz sources
 ... Link: International team of scientists realizes a compact, efficient wideband source of terahertz radiation emitters 
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz ranks in the top group of European universities in the fields of Geosciences, Physics, and Social Sciences
 ... Link: Outstanding placements for Mainz University in the international CWTS Leiden Ranking 2016 
read on Physicist of Mainz University receives EU funding for his search for dark matter and dark energy
 ... Link: ERC Advanced Grant for experimental physicist Dmitry Budker 
Every movie leaves a characteristic pattern of chemical compounds in the air
 ... Link: Moviegoers' exhaled breath reveals the scene that is playing 
read on Measuring time using oscillations of atomic nuclei might significantly improve precision beyond that of current atomic clocks
 ... Link: One step closer to the development of an ultra-precise nuclear clock 
read on Laureate Vishva Dixit is considered a pioneer in fundamental biomedical research
 ... Link: Gutenberg Research Award 2016 goes to cell death researcher Vishva Dixit 
read on GRC focuses on the promotion of individual excellence
 ... Link: Gutenberg Research College welcomes Klaus Müllen as a new fellow and presents the Gutenberg Research Award 2016 to Vishva Dixit 
read on Founding Director of the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) becomes a Foreign Honorary Member
 ... Link: Christof Niehrs elected as a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 
Genes and environment determine short-sightedness
 ... Link: New genetic risk factors for myopia discovered 
read on Hippo signaling pathway regulates quiescence in the neural stem cells of Drosophila larvae
 ... Link: Brain stem cell quiescence needs to be actively maintained in Drosophila 
read on Innovative heat engine uses just a single electrically charged calcium atom
 ... Link: Physicists build world’s smallest heat engine  
German Research Foundation funds joint project of the universities in Mainz and Hohenheim to search for better tolerated wheat varieties
 ... Link: Researchers hunt for the causes and basis of wheat sensitivities 
read on Mainz-based physicists involved in detector construction and analysis of future experiments
 ... Link: First particles circulate in SuperKEKB accelerator 
read on Department of Ancient Studies at Mainz University to receive further financial support through the Cultural Preservation Program of the German Federal Foreign Office
 ... Link: German Federal Foreign Office sponsors conservation of the early-Islamic caliphate palace of Khirbat al-Minya in Israel 
read on Ant colonies that are highly specialized have lower chances of survival when sudden changes occur
 ... Link: Division of labor among social insects: All-rounders cope better than specialists in the face of threats 
read on Basis for the utilization of skyrmions for application-related systems / Magnetic vortices as data storage media of the future
 ... Link: International research team achieves controlled movement of skyrmions 
Michael Madary and Thomas Metzinger summarize problems and offer recommendations for the future of VR
 ... Link: First code of conduct for the use of virtual reality established 
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz welcomes three postdocs funded by individual fellowships provided by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions
 ... Link: EU funding for excellent young researchers in physics 
read on Stealth effect of nanocarriers for drug delivery vehicles conferred more efficiently
 ... Link: Mainz-based scientists decipher stealth effect of nanocarriers evading clearance by the immune system 
read on A total of EUR 1.7 million will be provided to promote the search for the first herbivores among terrestrial vertebrates
 ... Link: Paleontologist Thomas Tütken receives ERC Consolidator Grant 
read on Principles of the conversion from heat currents to magnonic spin currents discovered / Study of complex magnetic materials
 ... Link: Researchers present new findings on magnetic spin waves 
read on EU support for new project at the Northern European and Baltic Languages and Cultures research and teaching unit
 ... Link: Regional and minority languages need better access to the digital world 
read on Single ant species often cause the majority of resource consumption / Large differences between day and night
 ... Link: Dominant ant species significantly influence ecosystems 
read on Interdisciplinary cooperation to examine the global interactions of the EU / EU Commission will provide financing for the three-year project
 ... Link: Universities of Mainz and Darmstadt establish Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence focusing on international relations of the European Union 
read on Academic and non-university research institutions in the Rhine-Main region pool their expertise and resources
 ... Link: Archaeologists in the Rhine-Main area form a regional network 
read on Researchers at the Institute of Molecular Biology have identified two proteins important for the demethylation of DNA
 ... Link: Neils help removing epigenetic marks 
read on Treatment and research of rare diseases of the nervous system bundled under one roof
 ... Link: Mainz University Medical Center opens Center for Rare Diseases 
read on Scientists at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz will explore the complex processes of the climate system using computer-based Earth system models
 ... Link: New professorship endowed by the Carl Zeiss Foundation will focus on environmental modeling of the climate system 
read on New cyclotron produces radioactive isotopes for nuclear chemistry to be applied in basic research and the development of clinical applications
 ... Link: Mainz University installs a new particle accelerator to be used for fundamental research into radiopharmaceutical chemistry 
read on Researchers of Mainz University participate in the construction of the new JUNO neutrino detector in south China
 ... Link: German Research Foundation approves new research group to determine neutrino mass hierarchy 

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