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The presented list of press releases in English is only a selection of our German press texts. For the time being, these translated press releases focus primarily on science and research at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.


read on Project designed to undertake precise measurement of neutrino oscillation should provide insight into neutrino mass hierarchy
 ... Link: Particle physicists from Mainz University participate in JUNO neutrino experiment 
read on New approach focuses on the appraisal of stressful or threatening situations by the brain
 ... Link: Mainz researchers develop new theoretical framework for future studies of resilience 
read on MIND Group pioneers in autonomous publication of academic texts / 92 authors and commentators have contributed to the "Open MIND" collection
 ... Link:  
read on American Studies scholar from Mainz University joins London-based Academy of Humanities, Letters and Sciences
 ... Link: Alfred Hornung appointed member of the Academia Europaea 
read on Mainz scientists participating in both the Rosetta mission and the Borexino experiment nominated as top-10 breakthroughs of the year
 ... Link: Rosetta mission with an alpha particle x-ray spectrometer constructed in Mainz is named Physics World 2014 Breakthrough of the Year 
read on Award worth EUR 800,000 designed to promote research into new approaches in theoretical neutrino physics
 ... Link: Joachim Kopp receives ERC Starting Grant for research in particle and astroparticle physics 
read on Materials research in Mainz to be expanded even further / Carl Zeiss Foundation supports professorship
 ... Link: Angela Möller accepts foundation professorship on  
read on Highest accolade of Middle Eastern scholarship goes to Mainz-based geographer
 ... Link: Günter Meyer receives Jere L. Bacharach Service Award for his outstanding work for international Middle Eastern Studies 
read on Research collaboration uncovers a novel mechanism of altered information processing between neurons / Major relevance for learning and processing of sensory input
 ... Link: Neurons listen to glia cells 
read on Potential new active substance has an effect even in very low concentrations
 ... Link: Researchers from Mainz and Würzburg propose better substances for treating the dengue virus 
read on Stephan Link of Rice University and Andrei Slavin of Oakland University appointed as MAINZ Visiting Professors
 ... Link: Graduate School of Excellence  
Psoriasis medication may be effective in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
 ... Link: Researchers at Mainz University explore new approach for treating Alzheimer's disease 
read on Graduate School of Excellence "Materials Science in Mainz" rewards outstanding dissertations
 ... Link: Leonie Mück and Christoph Schüll receive MAINZ Award for excellent doctoral theses in the field of materials science 
read on Chemistry professor from Mainz University developed in a collaborative research project a novel foil packaging material that displays information on food freshness by means of color changes
 ... Link: Katja Heinze receives research award for intelligent food packaging with freshness indicator 
read on Germersheim graduates receive prizes in the Established Translator and Young Translator categories
 ... Link: Goethe Institute awards German-Arabic Translation Prize to Samir Grees and Mahmoud Hassanein 
read on Resveratrol binds with the KSRP regulator protein and provides for its activation
 ... Link: Natural substance in red wine has an anti-inflammatory effect in cardiovascular diseases 
read on Carola Lentz is the first German academic to win the most prestigious international African Studies book prize
 ... Link: Mainz-based anthropologist receives Melville J. Herskovits Award for publication on land tenure and the politics of belonging in northern Ghana and Burkina Faso 
Inventory of hieratic and cursive hieroglyphic characters will be systematically and digitally recorded for the first time to be jointly funded by the federal and state governments
 ... Link: Egyptologist of Mainz University receives approval for long-term project through the 2015 German Academies' Program to study ancient Egyptian cursive scripts 
read on Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is among the best 100 universities in the world in the disciplines of Geosciences and Physics / Rank second and sixth in national comparison
 ... Link: Geosciences and Physics at Mainz University score highly in the Best Global Universities rankings 
read on Friends of Mainz University invested EUR 300,000 in the establishment of a multi-functional pavilion facility
 ... Link: Opening of the new School of Seeing building as a showcase for university collections and other humanities projects 
read on Eminent molecular cell biologist will establish a research team at the Research Center for Immunotherapy of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
 ... Link: Krishnaraj Rajalingam selected to be a fellow of the Gutenberg Research College 
read on Cooperation agreement enables Mainz University students in physics to do research and study in Japan
 ... Link: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Nagoya University finalize exchange program for students and researchers in physics 
read on APXS will be used for analytical measurements to determine the chemical composition of the comet surface
 ... Link: Alpha particle x-ray spectrometer developed in Mainz transmits first data from comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko 
read on Improvement of prevention and treatment of mental disorders as a long term goal
 ... Link: Gutenberg Brain Study and Mainz Resilience Project launch study on resilience mechanisms in the brain 
Customer endorsement has the most prominent effect on private online purchasing activity
 ... Link: Recommendations by other customers significantly influence Internet purchasing behavior 
read on New Group Leader will focus on understanding the biology of telomeres
 ... Link: EMBO Young Investigator Brian Luke joins Institute of Molecular Biology in Mainz to study telomere biology 
read on Diagnostic and therapy unit for the care of patients with atrial fibrillation
 ... Link: Mainz University Medical Center opens the first atrial fibrillation unit in Germany 
read on Contextual cues influence cinematic experience / Screen size not statistically significant
 ... Link: Cinema-like environment helps audiences become immersed in movies even when shown on small computer screens or cell phone displays 
read on Mainz scientists take a leading global position in the simulation-driven sciences
 ... Link: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz joins Germany's Gauß-Allianz as a full member 
read on Distinction for young scientists for their services to European physics
 ... Link: Román Orús awarded 2014 EPS Early Career Prize of the European Physical Society 
Focus on providing students with skills and professional orientation to improve their future career prospects
 ... Link: EU cooperation project coordinated by Mainz University to develop international Medieval Studies Program 
read on Neurons react to the transmission activity of exosomes on three fundamental levels
 ... Link: Vesicles influence the function of nerve cells 
read on New vistas for studying effects of Einstein's relativity on the structure of the periodic table
 ... Link: International team of researchers have for the first time established a chemical bond between a superheavy element and a carbon atom 
read on Historians of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz edit medieval ledgers from Augsburg
 ... Link: German Research Foundation sponsors digital edition of the Augsburg Master Builders' ledgers 
read on Helen May-Simera wins prestigious research award from the Humboldt Foundation for her research work on cilia and related disorders
 ... Link: Winner of Sofja Kovalevskaja Award to take up research at Mainz University 
Planned center for High Performance Computing (HPC) at the Institute of Computer Science will bring together various research projects and will provide an improved level of HPC services
 ... Link: Carl Zeiss Foundation provides EUR 750,000 in funding to Competence Center for HPC in the Natural Sciences at Mainz University 
read on Fellow of the Gutenberg Research College of Mainz University invited to northern Europe's leading research institute
 ... Link: Theologian and historian Isaac Kalimi awarded fellowship by the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study 
read on Researchers including physicist Jairo Sinova from Mainz University open up new approach in searching and engineering spintronic materials / Publication in Nature Materials
 ... Link: International team of scientists realizes a tunable spin-charge converter made of gallium-arsenide 
read on Researchers from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz contribute to experimental effort / Publication in Nature
 ... Link: Detection of pp-neutrinos provides first direct measurement of solar power at its production 
read on Prediction of pair production of Z bosons at LHC calculated with previously unattainable precision
 ... Link: New breakthrough in two-loop calculations 
read on Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the Mainz University Medical Center launch German Resilience Center Mainz
 ... Link: First European center for resilience research established in Mainz 
Researchers from Mainz and Amsterdam look at the paradox relationship of media use and stress recovery
 ... Link: Using media as a stress reducer after a tough day at work can lead to feelings of guilt and failure 
read on University to invest EUR 1 million annually to promote long-term improvement of working conditions and support services for young researchers and academics
 ... Link: Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz gets down to work 
Attractive publication platform for Mainz academics
 ... Link: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz teams up with V&R unipress to establish  
read on Scientific study undertaken by the Mainz University Medical Center shows correlation between education and nearsightedness
 ... Link: Nearsightedness increases with level of education and longer schooling 
Even individuals under the age of 50 years can suffer early forms of AMD
 ... Link: Age-related macular degeneration occurs much earlier than previously assumed 
read on Third phase of DFG Research Training Group "Transnational Social Support" successfully initiated
 ... Link: Young researchers investigate social support in the age of globalization 
read on Scientists at Mainz and Innsbruck explore new treatment approach to overcome fear
 ... Link: L-dopa medication could be helpful in the treatment of phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder 
read on Computer simulations show how two knots on a DNA strand can interchange their positions
 ... Link: How knots can swap positions on a DNA strand 
read on Molybdenum oxide particles can assume the function of the endogenous enzyme sulfite oxidase / Basis for new therapeutic application
 ... Link: Artificial enzyme mimics the natural detoxification mechanism in liver cells 
read on Network provides for the exchange of information and news on the use of joint research resources, career development, and research support offered by public funding agencies
 ... Link: Junior group leaders in the life sciences establish JUGGLE platform for scientific exchange and networking 
read on Basis for future development of very high performance spintronic components
 ... Link: Breakthrough for information technology using Heusler materials 
read on Model system used to illustrate phase transition of a mixture of active and passive particles
 ... Link: Active particles may enhance phase separation 
read on Physicists succeeded in the first direct high-precision measurement of a fundamental property of the proton / Results will contribute to a better understanding of the matter/antimatter asymmetry
 ... Link: Magnetic moment of the proton measured with unprecedented precision 
read on Support for woman in all phases of their academic careers at the cluster and in its general research environment
 ... Link: Irène Joliot-Curie Program of the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence promotes female physicists at all stages of their careers 
read on Discovery of possible basis for treating circadian clock disorders and associated metabolic problems
 ... Link: Atomic structure of essential circadian clock protein complex determined 
Mainz University coordinates new CRC/Transregio "Multiscale Simulation Methods for Soft-Matter Systems" with the Technical University of Darmstadt and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
 ... Link: German Research Foundation approves new collaborative research center for the development of novel methods in soft matter simulations 
read on Article in Nature describes the relevance of ecological niches to the evolution of new bird species
 ... Link: International research group documents unique songbird diversity of the Eastern Himalayas 
read on Recognition of outstanding research achievements and invitation to strengthen ties with Mainz University
 ... Link: Ernst Fehr and Michèle Lamont receive Gutenberg Research Award 2014 
read on Awards given to economist Ernst Fehr and cultural sociologist Michèle Lamont
 ... Link: Gutenberg Research College welcomes new fellows and bestows the Gutenberg Research Award 2014 
Evidence presented of the existence of a previously unknown form of lymphocyte that protects against intracellular infection
 ... Link: Mainz and Freiburg immunologists discover immune system precursor cells that fight infection 
read on Focus on pioneering form of treatment of valvular heart defects
 ... Link: Mainz University Medical Center Mainz establishes first professorship for non-surgical heart valve therapy in Germany 
read on Researchers from Mainz University identify novel mechanisms of logarithmic finite-size corrections relevant to the determination of interfacial tension
 ... Link: Improved computer simulations enable better calculation of interfacial tension 
read on University President congratulates on the appointment to the national expert committee
 ... Link: Mainz Economics Professor Isabel Schnabel to become member of the German Council of Economic Experts 
read on Scientific Director at IMB is a leading expert on the biology of non-coding RNAs
 ... Link: René Ketting of the Institute of Molecular Biology elected to EMBO membership 
read on Non-aggressive keyhole technique for mitral valve repair has already been used in nearly 200 patients
 ... Link: Department of Cardiology is one of the ten leading centers worldwide for minimally invasive therapy of mitral valve regurgitation 
read on Two Fellows of the Gutenberg Research College of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz receive Germany's best-endowed research award
 ... Link: Jairo Sinova and Stuart Parkin are awarded Alexander von Humboldt Professorships 
read on New findings mark important step towards the capability to observe long-lived superheavy nuclei
 ... Link: International team of researchers observes new superheavy element 117 
read on Biologists from Mainz and Basel investigate food sharing among siblings in 125 earwig families
 ... Link: Sibling cooperation in earwig families provides clues to the early evolution of social behavior 
read on Funding to be provided for national program on "Chemical Biology of Native Nucleic Acid Modifications" coordinated by Mainz University
 ... Link: German Research Foundation approves new priority program in the life sciences 
read on Internationally renowned philosopher plans to further extend links between analytical philosophy and neuroscientific research
 ... Link: Thomas Metzinger appointed Fellow of the Gutenberg Research College 
read on Fellow of the Gutenberg Research College receives innovation award worth EUR 1 million for his contributions to interdisciplinary materials research
 ... Link: British-American experimental physicist Stuart Parkin is being awarded the 2014 Millennium Technology Prize 
Mainz University is a world leader in the field of simulation-driven sciences
 ... Link: EUR 8.7 million for new MOGON II high-performance computer at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz 
read on Instrument for measuring chemical composition of the surface of the comet will soon be subjected to initial testing
 ... Link: Alpha particle x-ray spectrometer developed in Mainz to be used on comet Churyumov–Gerasimenko 
read on Important prerequisite for the development of nano-components for data storage and sensor technology / Publication in Nature Communications
 ... Link: Domain walls in nanowires cleverly set in motion 
read on Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Institute of Molecular Biology collaborate in three-year research project funded by the Ministry of Science
 ... Link: New research initiative investigates gene regulation in evolution and development 
read on Miguel Andrade uses computational methods for studying gene and protein function with an emphasis on molecules related to human disease
 ... Link: Leading computational biologist joins the Institute of Molecular Biology to investigate the role of genes and proteins in disease 
Breakthrough discovery offers new perspectives for research on the immune and nervous system / Publication in Nature Methods
 ... Link: Immunologists of the Mainz University Medical Center present improved mass spectrometric method for proteomic analyses 
read on Ancient DNA from archaeological skeletons shows that European€™s had darker skin, hair, and eye pigmentation 5,000 years ago
 ... Link: Natural selection has altered the appearance of Europeans over the past 5,000 years 
read on Researchers from Mainz University demonstrate a new principle for magnetic recording / Publication in Nature Nanotechnology
 ... Link: Relativity shakes a magnet 
read on Core research areas will receive a total of EUR 8.5 million annually through the Rhineland-Palatinate Research Initiative
 ... Link: Mainz University pinpoints its top-level research areas 
read on Tools and database of the EU project ELDIA now generally accessible / Wake-up call to policymakers to help save endangered languages
 ... Link: Language vitality barometer toolkit for detecting endangered languages now freely available online 
read on Nano-heat engine likely to operate at high efficiency / Publication in Physical Review Letters
 ... Link: Physicists at Mainz University build pilot prototype of a single ion heat engine 
read on Mainz biologists show in a scientific study how gene expression differs between castes in ants
 ... Link: Novel genes determine division of labor in insect societies 
Joint project concerned with the complex transfer and exchange processes between researchers, physicians, journalists, and the general public
 ... Link: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research will fund new interdisciplinary research group looking at the subject of brain doping 
read on ERC Synergy Grant of nearly EUR 10 million awarded to research group involving Mainz theoretical physicist Jairo Sinova
 ... Link: Jairo Sinova receives ERC funding to develop new spintronic concepts 
read on Giants of Earth's history still pose a wealth of riddles / Publication in PLOS ONE
 ... Link: New research on sauropod gigantism summarized in publicly available collection 
read on Survey among triathletes finds correlation between consumption of drugs enhancing physical and mental performance
 ... Link: Scientific study suggests an association between physical doping and brain doping 
read on New research unit examines extreme experiences in human life using biomedical explanations and worldly experience
 ... Link: German Research Foundation approves research unit to study extreme experiences in human life 
read on Enabling interdisciplinary exchange between outstanding young researchers
 ... Link: German Research Foundation provides funding for international research network addressing media use and psychological well-being 
read on Assistance in settling into the German university system
 ... Link: Mainz University begins offering special courses providing an introduction to academic work methods for foreign students 

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