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The presented list of press releases in English is only a selection of our German press texts. For the time being, these translated press releases focus primarily on science and research at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.


Joint research project aims at the improvement of companion diagnostics and therapy of tumor diseases
 ... Link: New EU project designed to link diagnosis and treatment of diseases over the long term 
read on NeuroD1 gene is essential for eliciting the neuronal development program and possesses the ability to reprogram other cell types into neurons
 ... Link: Scientists at the Institute of Molecular Biology find master switch for brain development 
read on Small pit in Yavneh contained 7,000 cult artifacts from the pre-Christian era / Ancient population used different substances to induce hallucinations
 ... Link: Researchers from Israel and Mainz present new insights into ancient religious cult in Palestine 
read on Lack of brood care has a short-term advantage but is disadvantageous in long-term transgenerational effects
 ... Link: Earwigs raised without parents demonstrate limited maternal care of their own offspring 
read on Professor of Isotope Geochemical Paleoclimatology / Speleothem research focuses on the reconstruction of past climate variability
 ... Link: Mainz-based geoscientist Denis Scholz appointed to a Heisenberg Professorship funded by the German Research Foundation 
read on Waves to Weather research center focuses on deficiencies and challenges of weather prediction with the aim to improve forecast models
 ... Link: New DFG-funded collaborative research center to investigate errors in weather forecasts and the limits of predictability 
read on Findings of a new study may help researchers to discover ways of treating diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer
 ... Link: Cells starved of oxygen and nutrients condense their DNA 
read on International exchange of experience in university governance and quality assurance
 ... Link: Universities in Mainz and Potsdam collaborate with Vietnamese universities on quality management 
read on Earlier excavations have provided important insights into the structure of the ancient remains of Haft Tappeh and its development over time
 ... Link: Archaeologists from Mainz University continue their excavation work in Iran 
read on German language skills are a prerequisite for taking up studies at a university in Rhineland-Palatinate / Mainz University supports the 5-point program of the State Ministry of Education, Science, Continuing Education, and Culture
 ... Link: Refugees can apply now for a German beginners' course at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz starting in February 2016 
Research findings will be used to improve cancer therapy / German government provides approximately EUR 3.8 million in financing
 ... Link: Mainz University Medical Center coordinates interdisciplinary collaborative research project on the long-term effects of cancer treatment 
zur Pressemitteilung Scientists create a new international research consortium to develop a sustainable chemical infrastructure
 ... Link: Wood instead of petroleum: New approach to producing chemical substances solely from renewable resources 
read on Mainz University honors the director of the Bach Collegium Japan for his interdisciplinary approach to academic teaching
 ... Link: Masaaki Suzuki receives the 2015 Gutenberg Teaching Award 
read on DFG-funded research group at Mainz University uses statistical physics and latest technologies in computer simulation to look into colloidal particles under flow
 ... Link: New Emmy Noether independent junior research group studies the dynamics and self-assembly of colloidal particles 
Psychologists from Leipzig and Mainz analyzed central personality traits of over 20,000 grown-ups from Germany, the USA, and Great Britain
 ... Link: Birth order has only very small effects on personality 
read on Groundbreaking ceremony for new cyclotron building at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz / Large-scale research facility enhances the university's strong research profile
 ... Link: German Research Foundation, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Mainz University invest more than EUR 2 million in a cyclotron and its building complex 
read on Oxford theoretical physicist Dieter Jaksch and spintronics expert Thierry Valet have been awarded MAINZ Visiting Professorships
 ... Link: MAINZ Graduate School of Excellence awards Visiting Professorships 2015 
read on Completion of the EU-funded FEFI €“– Finding Education for Female Inmates project on educational options provided for female inmates in various European countries
 ... Link: Lower recidivism rates through improved education programs for female inmates in European prisons 
read on Powerful neutron source at Mainz University is used by chemists and physicists from all over the world for basic research
 ... Link: TRIGA Mainz reaches world record of 20,000 pulses in 50 years 
read on Internationalization of teacher training at Johannes Gutenberg University to serve as role model
 ... Link: GET Across Borders Program of Mainz University wins  
read on German Federal Ministry of Education and Research provides funding for the next five years
 ... Link: EUR 25 million for the Center for Thrombosis and Hemostasis at the Mainz University Medical Center 
read on Thermally excited magnetic waves enable generation of electricity using insulators
 ... Link: Indications of the origin of the Spin Seebeck effect discovered 
read on Researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz observed new record high for superconductivity / Publication in Nature
 ... Link: Hydrogen sulfide loses its electrical resistance under high pressure at minus 70 degrees Celsius 
Mainz University is participating in the BigStorage graduate network being funded by the EU with EUR 3.8 million for the next four years
 ... Link: European consortium develops new approaches for dealing with Big Data 
Research structure concept of ELYSION enhances the strategic relevance of Mainz in the fields of electroconversion and electroactive materials
 ... Link: Carl Zeiss Foundation donates EUR 850,000 to the Advanced Lab for Electrochemistry and Electroorganic Synthesis at Mainz University 
read on ECHo collaboration with reseachers of Mainz University publishes new results in Physical Review Letters
 ... Link: Solving a long-standing atomic mass difference puzzle paves way to the neutrino mass 
read on Mainz-based physicists receive support for their work on the ATLAS and NA62 experiments designed to analyze new particles
 ... Link: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research sponsors CERN-related research by Mainz teams 
read on Terahertz spectroscopy provides basis for advanced nanoelectronics
 ... Link: Ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy enables the measurement of fundamental magnetotransport details 
read on Bestowal of the Casimirus Magnus Medal for academic cooperation
 ... Link: German literature scholar Dagmar von Hoff receives award from Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz in Poland 
read on Cooperation of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and the Mainz University Medical Center
 ... Link: Newly established Mainz Center for Chemical Allergology investigates the chemical basis of allergies 
read on Results obtained at the MAMI particle accelerator in Mainz should add to the understanding of the "strong force"
 ... Link: New measurement of the mass of a strange atomic nucleus achieves very high degree of precision 
German researchers find evidence of the interaction between two components of the innate immune system to combat rotavirus infection / Publication in Nature Immunology
 ... Link: New mechanism that attacks viral infections discovered 
read on Official project start for the production of superconducting accelerator modules
 ... Link: New electron accelerator at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz reaches first milestone 
read on Recognition of outstanding contributions in biomedical research
 ... Link: Vijay Tiwari of the Institute of Molecular Biology receives Wilhelm Sander-Stiftung Award 2015 
read on Collaboration funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 Framework Program for Research and Innovation
 ... Link: Mainz-based Institute of Translational Oncology is part of European Bioinformatics Research Consortium on personalized cancer immunotherapy 
read on Super-fast circuit board to be used for the identification of important particle collisions comes from Mainz University
 ... Link: Mainz physicists provide important component for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN 
read on Gutenberg Teaching Council supports project in Pharmaceutical Sciences with about EUR 60,000
 ... Link: Research-oriented teaching at Mainz University employs 3-D projector to demonstrate the latest methods of computer-aided drug design 
read on

Department of Ancient Studies receives financial support through the Cultural Preservation Program of the German Federal Foreign Office

 ... Link: Archaeologists from Mainz University restore early Islamic caliph's palace on the shores of the Sea of Galilee 
read on Collaborative project uncovers the role of a protein in the formation and maintenance of the inner membrane structures of photosynthetic systems
 ... Link: Fusion protein controls design of photosynthesis platform 
read on Recent immunological findings and technological progress pave the way for customized cancer vaccines / Results published in Nature
 ... Link: Significant progress made towards individualized cancer immunotherapy 
read on Investment volume of about EUR 61 million / Renewed recognition of the quality of research into particle and hadron physics being undertaken at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
 ... Link: German Council of Science and Humanities endorses construction of Center of Fundamental Physics research building at Mainz University 
read on Mainz University has done particularly well in criteria indicative of teaching commitment and study management
 ... Link: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz achieves good and very good placings in the latest CHE University Ranking 
read on Gutenberg Research College of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz honors internationally renowned researchers
 ... Link: Gutenberg Research Award 2015 goes to polymer chemist Kazunori Kataoka and theologian Kwok Pui Lan 
read on Focus on supporting and creating a network of excellent researchers
 ... Link: Gutenberg Research College welcomes new members and bestows the 2015 Gutenberg Research Award 
read on Volkswagen Foundation provides EUR 1.3 million funding for liver cancer research
 ... Link: Jens Marquardt receives Lichtenberg Professorship for molecular hepatocarcinogenesis 
read on New research center SPICE will bring together researchers from different disciplines to study spin-related phenomena
 ... Link: Mainz University opens Spin Phenomena Interdisciplinary Center to accelerate spin research 
read on Measurements confirm position of lawrencium as final member of the actinide series and corroborate architecture of the periodic table
 ... Link: First ionization energy of lawrencium determined 
read on Research study by the Mainz University Medical Center investigates the influence of low-frequency magnetic fields on neurodegenerative diseases
 ... Link: No evidence that low-frequency magnetic fields accelerate development of Alzheimer's disease and ALS 
read on Expert will use novel high-throughput imaging tools to explore the roles of chromatin organization in genome stability and maintenance
 ... Link: Vassilis Roukos joins Institute of Molecular Biology in Mainz to study cellular mechanisms maintaining genome integrity 
read on Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers to fund six mini-graduate schools for two years to the tune of some EUR 500,000
 ... Link: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz establishes new postgraduate research groups in the humanities and social sciences 
read on EU support to bridge gap between theoretical research and commercial applications
 ... Link: Condensed Matter physicist Mathias Kläui awarded ERC Proof of Concept Grant to develop innovative magnetic sensors for applications involving thousands of revolutions 
Psychologists at Mainz University have documented the differences in the way that depressed individuals subjectively assess the flow of time and evaluate the duration of specific time intervals
 ... Link: Meta-study shows that the experience of time is altered in depression 
read on Rosetta mission, discovery of cosmic neutrinos, and detection of element 117 listed among the ten most exciting research achievements in 2014
 ... Link: American Physical Society places three Mainz-related research projects among  
read on
Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler and Ron Folman receive EUR 1.6 million in research funding as part of the German-Israeli Project Cooperation
 ... Link: German and Israeli scientists initiate research program at the interface of solid state physics and quantum physics 
read on Insight may enable innovative approach for new concepts in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases
 ... Link: Mainz researchers identify novel factor involved in autophagy 
Discovery improves understanding of the cause of allergic asthma and may serve as an early diagnostic marker
 ... Link: Scientists at the Research Center for Immunotherapy at Mainz University identify a new population of regulatory T-cells 
read on Scientists reveal unprecedented degree of connectivity reorganization in newly-generated hippocampal neurons in response to experience
 ... Link: Novel form of experience-dependent plasticity in the adult brain discovered 
read on Research Center for Transnational Social Support creates sustainable structures for research into social support across national borders
 ... Link: New research center TRANSSOS focuses on transnational social support 
read on Skyrmions are candidates for future data storage and information processing
 ... Link: Physicists observe motion of tiny magnetic whirls 
read on Project designed to undertake precise measurement of neutrino oscillation should provide insight into neutrino mass hierarchy
 ... Link: Particle physicists from Mainz University participate in JUNO neutrino experiment 
read on New approach focuses on the appraisal of stressful or threatening situations by the brain
 ... Link: Mainz researchers develop new theoretical framework for future studies of resilience 
read on MIND Group pioneers in autonomous publication of academic texts / 92 authors and commentators have contributed to the "Open MIND" collection
 ... Link:  
read on Excellent teams implement the university's management guidelines providing for efficient leadership as well as constructive and successful teamwork
 ... Link: Mainz University presents first JGU Leadership Team Awards 
read on American Studies scholar from Mainz University joins London-based Academy of Humanities, Letters and Sciences
 ... Link: Alfred Hornung appointed member of the Academia Europaea 
read on Mainz scientists participating in both the Rosetta mission and the Borexino experiment nominated as top-10 breakthroughs of the year
 ... Link: Rosetta mission with an alpha particle x-ray spectrometer constructed in Mainz is named Physics World 2014 Breakthrough of the Year 

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