Social Media channels of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

In addition to a number of social media channels operated by the central Press and Public Relations Office of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, many faculties, institutes, offices, student councils, and project groups of Mainz University have their own social media channels. Here is a list of all the channels we know; most of them are operated in German.

In case you are aware of a JGU channel not listed here or you have just opened an account for some institution of Mainz University in one of the networks listed, please send us an to let us know. We will be glad to add new channels to our list.


Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

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Faculty 01: Catholic and Protestant Theology            
Protestant Theology (link to Facebook)   (link to YouTube)      
Student council Protestant Theology (link to Facebook)          
Judaic Studies (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)        
Friends' Association of Biblical Archaeology (link to Facebook)          
Student council Catholic Theology (link to Facebook)          
Alumni Faculty of Catholic Theology (link to Facebook)          
Faculty 02: Social Sciences, Media, and Sports            
Media Education work group (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)        
Student advising office Education (link to Facebook)          
Student council Education (link to Facebook)         (link to Instagram)
Student council Teacher Training (link to Facebook)          
School of Journalism (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)        
Master of Media Management          
Alumni Network Master of Corporate Communication       (link to XING)    
Political Science (link to Facebook)          
Political Science – Empirical Political Research (link to Facebook)          
Student council Political Science (link to Facebook)         (link to Instagram)
Friends' Association of the Mainz Political Science e.V. (link to Facebook)        
Institute of Psychology – Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Experimental Psychopathology   (link to Twitter)        
Institute of Psychology – Methods (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter) (link to YouTube)      
Student council Psychology (link to Facebook)          
Alumni Psychology       (link to XING)    
Communication (link to Facebook)          
Student council Communication (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)       (link to Instagram)
Mainz Alumni Foundation of Communication (link to Facebook)     (link to XING) (link to LinkedIn)  
Student council Sociology (link to Facebook)          
Student council Sports (link to Facebook)         (link to Instagram)
Friends' Association for Economic Psychology       (link to XING)    
Faculty 03: Law, Management and Economics            
Mainz School of Law       (link to XING)    
Extension studies Media Law       (link to XING)    
Economics, esp. Macroeconomics (link to Facebook)          
WiWi Forum (link to Facebook)          
WiWi Internship Board (link to Facebook)          
Economics and Business Education       (link to XING)    
Student council Management and Economics (link to Facebook)          
Master "International Economics and Public Policy" (MIEPP) (link to Facebook)     (link to XING)

(link to LinkedIn)

WiWi ERASMUS Office (link to Facebook)          
Alumni Mainz e.V. (Law, Management and Economics) (link to Facebook)          
EMBA Alumni Mainz e.V.       (link to XING)    
Alumni Network Financial Economics          
Alumni Business Informatics       (link to XING)    
Mainz Economists (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)   (link to XING)    
Faculty 04: Mainz University Medical Center     (link to YouTube) (link to XING)    
Career (link to Facebook)          
ILKUM (link to Facebook)          
Skills Lab (link to Facebook)   (link to YouTube)      
Student council Medicine (link to Facebook)          
Student council Medicine – Preclinical (link to Facebook)          
Faculty 05: Philosophy and Philology            
General and Comparative Linguistics (link to Facebook)          
American Studies (link to Facebook)          
Book Studies (link to Facebook)          
Student council Book Studies (link to Facebook)         (link to Instagram)
German Department (link to Facebook)          
Student council English (link to Facebook)          
Theater Studies (link to Facebook)          
Student Council Film Studies and Media Dramaturgy (link to Facebook)          
Student council Cultural Anthropology (link to Facebook)          
Neurolinguistic language lab (link to Facebook)          
Medieval Philosophy (link to Facebook)          
Student council Philosophy (link to Facebook)          
Polonicum (link to Facebook)          
Student council Romance Studies (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)       (link to Instagram)
Institute for Slavic, Turkic and Circum-Baltic Studies (link to Facebook)          
Student council Slavic Studies (link to Facebook)        
Student council Turkic Studies           (link to Instagram)
Northern European and Baltic Languages and Cultures (link to Facebook)          
International Master in Sociolinguistics and Multilingualism (link to Facebook)          
PHILIS: Internet portal for students of Faculty 05           (link to Instagram)
Humanities Alumni          
Faculty 06: Translation Studies,
Linguistics, and Cultural Studies / Germersheim
(link to Facebook)         (link to Instagram)
Faculty 07: History and Cultural Studies            
Department of Ancient Studies – Egyptology (link to Facebook)         (link to Instagram)
Department of Ancient Studies – Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Philology (link to Facebook)          
Student council Egyptology / Ancient Near Eastern Studies (link to Facebook)          
Student council Archaeology (link to Facebook)          
African Music Archives (AMA) (link to Facebook)          
Department of Anthropology and African Studies (link to Facebook)          
Student council Anthropology and African Studies (link to Facebook)        
Student council History (link to Facebook)         (link to Instagram)
Musicology (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)        
Student council Musicology (link to Facebook)          
Student council Art History (link to Facebook)          
Faculty 08: Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science            
Irène Joliot-Curie Program of the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence (link to Facebook)          
Student council Mathematics / Computer Science (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)        
Mathematics Friends' Association (link to Facebook)     (link to XING)    
Physics (link to Facebook)         (link to Instagram)
Spin Phenomena Interdisciplinary Center (SPICE) (link to Facebook)   (link to YouTube)      
Institute of Atmospheric Physics – Weather station   (link to Twitter)        
Student council Physics (link to Twitter)        
Helmholtz-Institute Mainz (link to Facebook)          
Faculty 09: Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Geosciences         (link to Instagram)
Graduate School of Excellence "Materials Science in Mainz" (MAINZ)     (link to YouTube)   (link to LinkedIn)  
Student council Chemistry (link to Facebook)         (link to Instagram)
Institute of Geography           (link to Instagram)
Student council Geography (link to Facebook)          
Geography Alumni Association          
Geosciences – ERASMUS (link to Facebook)          
Human Geography (link to Facebook)          
Student council Pharmaceutical Sciences (link to Facebook)         (link to Instagram)
Faculty 10: Biology            
Student council Biology (link to Facebook)          
Institute of Molecular Biology (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter) (link to YouTube)      
Mainz School of Music (link to Facebook)   (link to YouTube)     (link to Instagram)
Student council Music (link to Facebook)          
Network School Music e.V. (link to Facebook)          
Mainz Academy of Arts (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)      
Film (link to Facebook)          
Didactics of Art (link to Facebook)          

Further accounts
Ada Lovelace Project (ALP) (link to Facebook)

(link to Twitter)

Campus Mainz e.V. (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter) (link to YouTube)     (link to Instagram)
Campus Radio (link to Facebook)          
CampusTV (link to Facebook)   (link to YouTube)     (link to Instagram)
Career Service (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)        
Center for Continuing Education (ZWW) (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter) (link to YouTube)      
Collegium musicum (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)        
UniChoir (link to Facebook)   (link to YouTube)      
UniOrchestra (link to Facebook)   (link to YouTube)      
General Students' Committee (AStA) (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)       (link to Instagram)
General Studies program     (link to YouTube)      
Institute of Historical Regional Studies at Mainz University e.V. (link to Facebook)          
International Office (link to Facebook)          
Journal of Unsolved Questions (JUNQ) (link to Facebook)          
Mainz Office of Entrepreneurship (link to Facebook)     (link to XING)    
Media Center     (link to YouTube)      
Research Unit on Media Convergence   (link to Twitter) (link to YouTube)      
Model European Union Mainz (MEUM) (link to Facebook)          
Natural Science Lab for School children (link to Facebook)          
Office for Research on Small Disciplines   (link to Twitter)        
Research Unit on Social and Cultural Sciences Mainz (SOCUM) (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter) (link to YouTube)      
Student Parliament (StuPa) (link to Facebook)          
University Library Mainz (UB) (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)        
UB – Library Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences (link to Facebook)          
UB – Theology Library (link to Facebook)   (link to YouTube)      
University Archive (link to Facebook)          
unipress (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)        
Welcome Center of the International Office (link to Facebook)          
Women's Library (link to Facebook) (link to Twitter)