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In addition to research and teaching, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz considers continuing  education as one of its core educational responsibilities. JGU offers its knowledge, expertise, and contacts to enable interested parties to update and complement the knowledge they have acquired in their professional lives. In addition to individual seminars and continuing education programs, Mainz University is increasingly meeting this responsibility by establishing corresponding courses of study. Its Center for Continuing Education (ZWW) coordinates these programs.



The JGU Center for Continuing Education sets high standards for its programs and consistently utilizes the potentials of Mainz University in the process: the topicality and high degree of innovation of the knowledge conveyed, the interdisciplinary integration of content, and opportunities to transfer directly to professional practice are key aspects here. The Center for Continuing Education serves the interests of its various target groups.



In collaboration with the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Education, Science, Continuing Education, and Cultural Affairs, the JGU Center for Continuing Education offers seminars for teachers to update staff expertise and to convey new methods and didactic approaches. All events are recognized for teaching staff in Rhineland-Palatinate and/or are accredited in Hesse.



Continuing education for people shortly before or in their third phase of life is becoming increasingly important. JGU's answer to this ever-increasing demand is its “Learning after age 50” program.
Moreoever, everyone interested may register for guest auditing of courses in all JGU faculties.

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