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The presented list of press releases in English is only a selection of our German press texts. For the time being, these translated press releases focus on science and research at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.
read on Success at the world's largest particle accelerator LHC / Experiments involving scientists from Mainz University show first direct evidence of the Higgs boson
 ... Link: Physicists in Mainz and all around the world cheer the discovery of the Higgs particle 
read on Wolfgang Wernsdorfer of the Institut Néel – CNRS Grenoble receives the €10,000 Gutenberg Lecture Award from the Graduate School Materials Science in Mainz (MAINZ)
 ... Link: Award for research on molecular spintronics 
read on Exploiting "molecular glues" to target disease relevant proteolytic enzymes
 ... Link: Scientists at the Mainz University Medical Center gain new insights into Taspase1 function 
read on Calculations prepared by Mainz scientists will also influence the way current climate change is perceived / Publication of results in Nature Climate Change
 ... Link: Climate in northern Europe reconstructed for the past 2,000 years: Cooling trend calculated precisely for the first time 
read on Vanadium pentoxide nanoparticles mimic natural enzymes and inhibit surface build-up of algae and bacteria
 ... Link: Inspired by nature: Paints and coatings containing bactericidal agent nanoparticles combat marine fouling 
Junior researcher Zuzana Fajkošová passes international selection procedure and begins her doctorate in the Palaeogenetics Group at the JGU Institute of Anthropology
 ... Link: The origins of human settlement: Mainz University coordinates a new EU project for young researchers 
read on Biologists from Mainz University are the first to successfully crystallize the hemocyanin of the emperor scorpion to shed new light on the structure and active site of the giant oxygen transport protein
 ... Link: The blue blood of the emperor scorpion x-rayed 
read on Ambulatory monitoring will become more and more part of patients' and doctors' everyday lives / Special issue of Psychosomatic Medicine
 ... Link: Ambulatory monitoring: Patients become monitors of their own health 
read on International committee of experts votes to approve JGU Cluster of Excellence and Graduate School / €50 million for top-flight research at Mainz University
 ... Link: Mainz University successful in the German Excellence Initiative: Cluster of Excellence and Graduate School approved 
read on External funding of JGU research activities has increased by 42% to €96 million since 2007 / Positive trend continues in 2012
 ... Link: Seal of quality for an excellent standard of research: JGU is on track for success in attracting research funding 
read on New Transregional Collaborative Research Center under the direction of Mainz University Medical Center is to focus on multiple sclerosis research
 ... Link: Success for Mainz University Medical Center: German Research Foundation approves new Collaborative Research Center 
read on New chair for carbon geomaterials will focus on diamonds and biominerals
 ... Link: Mainz geoscientist Dorrit Jacob has been awarded Heisenberg Professorship by the German Research Foundation 
Launch of the interdisciplinary joint project "MRCyte"
 ... Link: Applied nanobiomedicine: Exploiting nanoparticles to hunt for hidden cancer cells 
read on Super-fast computing capacity will support and strengthen top-flight research in Mainz and Kaiserslautern
 ... Link: Two new high-performance computers make the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate a leader in scientific computing 
read on Ketting will introduce C. elegans and the zebrafish as model systems at IMB to study mechanisms controlling development and disease
 ... Link: Leading RNA biologist René Ketting joins the Institute of Molecular Biology as Scientific Director 
read on Award given to the internationally renowned linguist and cognitive science specialist Leonard Talmy
 ... Link: Gutenberg Research College welcomes new fellows and bestows the Gutenberg Research Award 
read on Innovative pioneer of modern linguistics and 'founding father' of Cognitive Linguistics honored in Mainz
 ... Link: Gutenberg Research Award for American Linguist Leonard Talmy 
read on Mainz linguists publish the first modern introduction to onomastics for both experts and the broader public
 ... Link: Names – omnipresent yet little-studied 
read on Volkswagen Foundation gives €550,000 support to material sciences project being conducted under the aegis of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
 ... Link: Enroute to a quantum computer 
read on Announcement of the official program with more than 130 events
 ... Link: 49th Deutscher Historikertag to be held in Mainz in 2012 
read on Professor of Economic and Social Geography at Mainz University reconfirmed as head of the umbrella organization of European research on the Middle East
 ... Link: Günter Meyer re-elected as President of the European Association for Middle Eastern Studies (EURAMES) 
read on

Junior Professor of American Studies receives award from the American Studies Network

 ... Link: American Studies Network Book Prize for  
Highly endowed international award for the promotion of research in Germany conferred on blood coagulation researcher Professor Dr. Wolfram Ruf
 ... Link: Mainz University Medical Center attracts funding of an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship 
read on Users worldwide now have full digital access to thousands of Shakespearean illustrations
 ... Link: Shakespeare Illustration Archive Oppel-Hammerschmidt at the Mainz University Library goes online 
read on Free online access to scientific data as prerequisite for a virtual research environment
 ... Link: Mainz University promotes easier access to research results 
read on Merkel, Eberlein, Bäuerle: On the formation of surnames
 ... Link: Third volume of the German Surname Atlas published 
read on Atomic nuclei in laser light: Nuclear physicists investigate magic shells / Publication in Physical Review Letters
 ... Link: End of the magic: Shell model for beryllium isotopes invalidated 
read on Commended by the Donors' Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany and the German Rector's Conference for innovative and student-oriented teaching concepts
 ... Link: Dr. Malte Persike of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz awarded the Ars legendi Prize 2012 for Excellence in University Teaching in the field of social sciences  
read on Anthropologists from Mainz University together with French and English colleagues have calculated the size of the first domesticated cattle herd
 ... Link: All domestic cattle descend from a small herd of aurochs in the Near East 
read on Neurobiology division of the Institute of Zoology of Mainz University is now part of the EU-funded pan-European FLiACT initial training network on systemic neuroscience
 ... Link: Information processing in Drosophila: Initiation of a new EU research network for doctoral candidates 
read on New method of monitoring protein molecules using gold nanoparticles
 ... Link: Gold nanoantennas detect proteins 
A German-Swedish study shows that internet-based self-help training for tinnitus is as successful as group therapy
 ... Link: Internet-based therapy relieves persistent tinnitus 
read on European program on management and administration in the modern world of sports
 ... Link: JGU Institute of Sports Science congratulates the first graduates of the Executive Master in European Sport Governance program 
read on Mainz University and the University of Edinburgh to work jointly on researching "The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border" by Sir Walter Scott
 ... Link: German Consulate General in Edinburgh welcomes German-Scottish literature project 
read on Surname inventory to be generated as a joint project of the Mainz Academy of Sciences and Literature
 ... Link: First digital dictionary of German surnames planned 
read on Mainz Professor of Byzantine Studies and specialist in Arabic Studies Johannes Pahlitzsch cooperates with the French research center CNRS to create a new database for historical Arabic documents
 ... Link: Islamic Law Materialized: A new database for Islamic documents from the Middle Ages 
read on The long-term cultural studies project will examine the interaction between the bourgeois civil society and courtiers in urban environments
 ... Link: Art historian at Mainz University participates in a new project on the history of royal residential cities 
read on More than €80 million in funding for the development of individualized forms of immunotherapy and diagnostics
 ... Link: CI3 immunotherapy cluster wins the Leading-Edge Cluster competition held by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research 
read on "Frontiers," the student magazine of Minnesota State University, Mankato reports on Kurtis Malecha's experiences working as research assistant to Nils Stöbener at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
 ... Link: Outside his comfort zone: RISE alumnus Kurtis Malecha on his internship at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry at Mainz University 
Scientists at the University Medical Center in Mainz prove multiple DNA repair defect in monocytes
 ... Link: Human immune cells react sensitively to  
zur Pressemitteilung Germersheim-based Open Access journal "TC3 - Translation: Computation, Corpora, Cognition" fills a gap in the field of translation studies
 ... Link: New academic journal for translators and interpreters 
read on JUnQ attracts considerable national and international interest and notice
 ... Link: Third issue of the Journal of Unsolved Questions (JUnQ) published by the Graduate School MAINZ is now available 
read on Cooperation between Professor Dr. Angelika Kühnle of Mainz University and André Gourdon of CEMES-CNRS
 ... Link: Funding approved for a Franco-German project looking at the synthesis of non-conducting surfaces 
read on Jean-Yves Roignant, Natalia Soshnikova, and Vijay Tiwari begin their research into epigenetic processes that control development and the occurrence of disease
 ... Link: Three new Group Leaders join the Institute of Molecular Biology to investigate epigenetic processes during development and disease 
read on Cooperation with Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the University Medical Center Mainz
 ... Link: IMB starts new International Summer School  
read on DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center at the Institute of Nuclear Physics at Mainz University will examine the formation and composition of subatomic particles / Cooperation with the BES-III-Experiment in Beijing
 ... Link: New Collaborative Research Center 1044: The Low-Energy Frontier of the Standard Model - From Quarks and Gluons to Hadrons and Nuclei 
read on Academic journal on the subject of social work in a transnational perspective
 ... Link: New Online Journal  
read on Scholarship will facilitate the study of the extremely valuable material in the Mainz Publishing Archive at Mainz University
 ... Link: Sabine and Kurt Groenewold fund a high-ranking scholarship for the Mainz Publishing Archive 
read on Particle physicists at Mainz University are excited: 50 years after its prediction, the Higgs boson gradually takes shape
 ... Link: First hint of the Higgs boson particle 

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