Archaeologists of Mainz University uncover ancient governor's palace in Turkey

International excavation project discovers hitherto undisturbed cremation sites


Within the scope of an international rescue excavation project, a team of four archaeologists specialized in Middle Eastern affairs headed by Dr. Dirk Wicke (Institute of Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies) have unearthed parts of a Neo-Assyrian governor's palace dating back to the 9th to 7th cent. B.C. in a two-month excavation program amongst the ruins on Ziyaret Tepe. The discoveries were extraordinary. The site in the south-east of Turkey (Diyarbakir province) is at risk from the construction of the Ilisu Dam. For several years now it has been investigated by teams from the universities of Akron (Ohio), Cambridge, Munich and Istanbul (Marmara University) in a joint excavation project.

Southern view of the Acropolis with the excavation sector of the Mainz team. (© Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Project)

Discovery of a rare treasure trove of more than 20 bronze vessels under the paving stones in the courtyard. (© Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Project)

Excavation of a grand bronze vessel. (© Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Project)

Revealing the multicolored Assyrian plastering. (© Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Project)

(© Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Project)

The team of Mainz University: Dominique Wiebe, Dirk Wicke, Guido Schnell, Judith Dosch. (© Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Project)

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